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About Āfire

Our Mission 

At Āfire Company, we strive to provide you with timeless fragrances curated for your home. Our handpoured products are crafted with care, ensuring you and your family can enjoy a quality experience. As our company continues to grow, we remain committed to cultivating fragrances in your most essential place, home. 

Meet the Makers

Fred and Hannah Washington

Hi, we are Fred and Hannah Washington, married couple turned Candle Makers! We have a serious love for all things home and lifestyle, and cannot wait to for you to bring a piece of our passion into your home. We have hand crafted and created each of our scents and cannot wait to make you an official Āfire Starter!

Why Āfire?

Row of candles

Āfire was created with home and sustainability in mind. We handcraft each candle with clean fragrances and wax that are rid of harsh chemicals and toxins. We use wooden wicks to allow for easy and slow burns, and we cannot resist the crackle! Every candle comes in a tin which is reusable, recyclable, and shatter proof! Lastly, we package each of products with recycled and biodegradable products that come with a special touch of personalization.